Who knew… that pthreads Condition came to Windows?

Not me! Until I happened across the SleepConditionalVariableCS function doc. It seems like it’s been fairly well known that implementing POSIX condition functions on Windows synchronizations is hard. Here is one explanation of the pitfalls. However, time moves on, and as long as you are not using Windows 95, ME, XP, or Server 2003, Windows…


Grokking IQueryable

(A few days ago I decided to investigate implementing IQueryable provider. The first reference I always find for this task is Matt Waren’s blog post http://blogs.msdn.com/b/mattwar/archive/2007/07/30/linq-building-an-iqueryable-provider-part-i.aspx There’s nothing wrong with Matt’s post except that personally I found that even though it’s the 3rd time I’ve looked at his introduction, it’s very hard to understand what…


If only you could set properties on fakes.

I’m using this library called FakeItEasy. The more I use it the more I like it. While using it I suddenly thought: var fakeIdentity = A.Fake<IIdentity>() { Name = “foo” }; Would be so much simpler than var fakeIdentity = A.Fake<IIdentity>();A.CallTo(() => fakeIdentity.Name).Returns(“foo”); especially when it could be inlined without needing to introduce this fakeIdentity…


Note to self – how to stop VS 2012 menus being all caps

reg ADD “HKCU\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\11.0\General” /v “SuppressUpperCaseConversion” /t REG_DWORD /d 1 I just thought I’d put this here in case I ever lose the info again. 🙂 Isn’t setting up a new machine fun.


The mystery of the missing URL validation

Further to my adventures with unobtrusive validation of yesterday, I found myself very stuck while implementing a new form for this new editable metadata feature for the NuGet Gallery. And Yet again the cause of all my pain appears to be this evil combination of UnobtrusiveValidation (2.0.30116.0) and JQuery.Validation (1.8.1). (I know it’s not meant to…


Regular expressions are different in javascript! And Unintrusive Validation.

Today while trying to implement some new code, and cutting my teeth on javascript validation, I disbelievingly realized that ALL of our client-side validation had stopped working. Like a month ago. And, nobody had noticed or complained!  (As a brief reminder I now work on the NuGet Gallery.) Perhaps that just goes to show how…


The Entity Framework Leaking

‘Fluent Interfaces’ have been a bit of a buzz for probably long enough that I am not justified in buzzing about them. I was pretty excited when first seeing them applied to databases in form of NHibernate and also kind of excited to see all that code-first-ness come to Entity Framework, which had never really…


The joy of Change

Hey, it’s been a long time since I updated this blog. Did anybody miss me? Didn’t think so. Since the intertubes never stop piping out noise, obviously nobody will have noticed a little silence. In any case it feels nice to give everybody a warm fuzzy ‘hello long time no see’ post. No wait, don’t…