(WF4) Survey–have you customized FlowDecision?

Today I was involved in a playful discussion about what would we do different about Workflow Designer if we could, and the question of ‘what do customers want?’ came up. I think there’s a lot that can change, but one of the ideas I can’t stay away from is improving Flowchart.

For instance, searching the forums for threads about FlowDecision turns up a surprising number of posts by people who want to customize FlowDecision and replace it with something a little bit different. So, here are my open questions for readers of the blog:

If you built a rehosted designer app did you in fact customize FlowDecision (by e.g. overriding the FlowDecision designer)?
Why did you do it, what did you make better?

Also interesting - maybe you have not customized FlowDecision, but you really wanted to? Did you investigate, and find it was impractical? What would you ideally have been able to do?

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Comments (4)

  1. Stephen says:

    Not exactly related to FlowDecision, but is related to rehosting… I think the biggest missing feature is built-in support for intellisense in expressions. I know you can implement your own, but it's no easy task to accomplish.

  2. tilovell09 says:

    And sigh…. crickets on the FlowDecision. Is it too hard to comment on this site?

  3. Mark says:

    Not quite sure if this is what you mean but…Just getting into WF and have been looking at wanting a simple way to pick up a bool from the previous activity in a FlowDecision (without the obvious save to variable and compare using said variable)

  4. tilovell09 says:

    @Mark – yup, that's one of the kind of things I'm polling about!

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