(Work) Tool of the day – ‘clip.exe’

Today I was writing a batch file to do make a process semi-automatic. One of the non-automatic stages is copy and pasting some text into a web interface.

“It’d be pretty cool” I thought, “if I could just add a line to my batch file saying ‘place %text% on clipboard’”

Well, it turns out someone else already thought of that!

D:\BVT\2.0.690.0>clip /?


    Redirects output of command line tools to the Windows clipboard.
    This text output can then be pasted into other programs.

Parameter List:
    /?                  Displays this help message.

    DIR | CLIP          Places a copy of the current directory
                        listing into the Windows clipboard.

    CLIP < README.TXT   Places a copy of the text from readme.txt
                        on to the Windows clipboard.


No more mouse highlighting just to copy the current directory name for me!
‘cd | clip’

Comments (1)

  1. Panayot says:

    Are Clip.exe still work on Windos 8?

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