Visual Studio 2010 SP1 beta (and .net 4.0 update)

Hey everyone – it’s open beta season again in Visual Studio land! (The official announcement is on Jason or Soma’s blogs.)

The beta version of VS 2010 SP1 is out. You can download and install the beta starting today (3/10/11). If you have an MSDN subscription, you could also download it via the MSDN subscriber downloads.


The full list of changes is in the KB release notes here. I see just a few change notes there related to Workflow:

  • XAML support: Workflow files that are XAML based pick up refactoring events from their code behind files.
  • XAML support: Refactoring and “Go to Definition” without having opened a XAML file works unexpected when you interact with XAML files. [Hopefully applies to WF]
  • VB Compiler Fix: Delays in large Workflow Foundation projects may be experienced when you switch focus between expression fields.

Aside from this I don’t see much WF-wise in the patch notes – still I am pretty sure there will be minor fixes which aren’t listed, and also some of the WPF framework bug fixes might help with designer stability or performance. I hope you can notice some improvements.

Comments (4)

  1. abe says:

    The beta was out ages ago. This is the release of the service pack!

  2. tilovell09 says:

    Read the title again. 😉

  3. Notre says:

    Sorry, I'm confused Tim.  I re-read the title, but I'm still lost 🙂  

    I understand the release of VS 2010 SP1 is now out (as evidenced byt the blogs you linked and MSDN subscriptions).  What is it related to .NET 4 – is there a beta for that as well?

  4. tilovell09 says:

    OK clearly I need to reword the title – done! (Also, updated text since now it's Thursday there's no 'just wait for Thursday' aspect to this.) (Wonders: hmm, should I really use comments for version history? Ah, why not)

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