The Workflow 4.0 Custom Activity Icon (and Toolbox Icon) FAQ

[Update: This FAQ is outdated and has be rewritten and reposted here:

I'm leaving the original comments here.]

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  1. tilovell09 says:

    For WPF code to use bitmap files as icons on the designer there is also this post from Kushal:


  2. Notre says:

    ‘Is there a way to override the default activity icon at a global level?’

    Another way to do this is demonstrated by Kushal in his post on adding "adornments" to a designer:

    Not particularly straightforward, but it works…

  3. tilovell09 says:


    Hm, ‘No’ was far wide of the mark indeed! That’s probably a better way overall, as you can then easily start to modify more than just the icon.

    Thanks for correcting me!


  4. Ritesh says:

    I need to create a subcategory within a Toolbox category (ToolboxCategory) in WF4 i.e. I have main category as "Basic Activities" now within that I need to have 2 sub categories as "Useful", "Very Useful".

    Basic Activities -> Useful

                          -> Very Useful

    Any help would be appreciated.

  5. tilovell09 says:

    I'm pretty sure that the shipped Toolbox control doesn't support subcategories.


  6. Ritesh says:


    I have created couple of variables & used them in a workflow. Now suppose user changed the name of a variable then that has to be updated dynamically at all used places in that workflow.

    Any suggestions to achieve this…

  7. Evan says:

    * Ritesh, re: your question about subcategories.  We also had a need to splitting up activities in "subcategories" and found it was not possible.  What we did do was change the left hand panel in the rehosted designer to a TabControl and added tabs with additional toolboxes.  We use the tab as the "main category" and the category feature as the "subcategory".  Does this help you?

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