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  1. Abdussamad says:

    Thanks for sharing this! Still gotta test it myself, haven’t had the time yet to publish an app update.
    Btw, wouldn’t you wanna check if the UniversalApiContract version 1 is present (instead of if version 2 is not present)? Because if version 3 is out, which is the one that’ll come with the Anniversary Update I think, it’ll also be false.
    Or do the UniversalApiContracts “stack” with each Windows version (until Microsoft decides to remove one)? As in, you have Windows 10 version 1511, so you have UniversalApiContract version 1 and 2, instead of just 2. And with the Anniversary Update, Windows will support UniversalApiContract version 1, 2 and 3 etc.. Is that how it works?

    1. andrewbares7 says:

      The contracts stack! Version 3 includes everything in version 2. I tested that line of code on the Anniversary Update and it worked. For full transparency, I did not test this sample on Version 1511 or RTM, but theoretically it should work correctly.

      I’m glad you’ll be able to take advantage of custom audio! By the way, custom audio (when the app is deployed via Visual Studio) just started working recently in our internal builds, so that issue should be fixed soon-ish, making it much easier to test!

      1. Abdussamad says:

        Yeah I’ve seen that noted in your post, about being able to test without store deployment on Redstone/Anniversary Update builds, that’s great! I’ll be testing on a version 1511 machine (and a machine running the latest Slow Ring build, currently 14366) and I’ll let you know how it went. Thanks!

      2. Abdussamad says:

        I’ve tested custom audio on both the 1511 and the Redstone machine and I can confirm it both works!

  2. Oh, finally! Will custom sounds be also available on all other families, Xbox, HoloLens? I have quite robust framework in my app to handle mobile/dektop situation in terms of custom sounds. Not sure if it’s safe to delete it all.

    1. andrewbares7 says:

      Frankly, I’m not sure about Xbox. HoloLens currently doesn’t even support toast, so this is irrelevant there right now 😛

      We’ll talk with the Xbox folks and hopefully write up a document stating what is and isn’t supported on Xbox.

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