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  1. This is great idea, however I have few notes:
    1. What is syntax for xml payload? (I’m not using Notifications NuGet package)
    2. I created Event in calendar on my phone, notification appeared on phone and PC, I dismissed it on phone, but it remained not dismissed on PC. Is it supposed to work for Outlook Calendar app? Also tried vice versa scenario – dismissed on PC first, but it didn’t dismiss on my phone (My PC is 14393.103 and phone is 14905.1000).
    3. Why only dismiss is broadcasted? If I understand it right, this Universal Dismiss mechanism is targeting the case when user has same app on multiple devices. That excludes Toasts mirroring mechanism, which is targeting the case when user has app only on 1 device. However, mirroring is capable of broadcasting whole TriggerDetails result, which e.g. may include snoozing information. But when user has app on both devices, Snoozing information is not broadcasted, since only Universal Dismiss can be applied in such scenario, am I right?


    1. andrewbares7 says:

      Hey Viktor!

      1) There’s nothing in the XML payload. It’s a new property on the ToastNotification object (and ScheduledToastNotification), called RemoteId.

      2) Nope, Calendar hasn’t implemented it in their app yet :/ difficulty there is getting a shared identifier for the calendar event, since Exchange doesn’t provide any common shared identifier for calendar appointments.

      3) We thought about enabling broadcasting the snooze… but there’s additional complications around that. For example, what about a quick reply toast notification? You don’t want to broadcast the “send” press to all the devices, otherwise the same message would be sent multiple times… So we would have to add a property on your button, like “hint-broadcastAction”, or something, and you would have to opt-into the broadcast. But we didn’t have time to build that. So for now, if you click Snooze on your PC, the notification will be dismissed on your phone, and it will NOT re-appear later. Trust me, I’m not a fan of that behavior! But time is always limited unfortunately. And it’s only things like snoozing reminders that are affected, it works perfectly fine for other things like messaging apps.

      1. Hey Andrew, thanks for response.
        1. Sorry, my bad, I didn’t read the code carefully.
        2. Is there any other app I could test it?
        3. I see. I don’t have any better suggestion than yours.

        1. andrewbares7 says:

          You can clone and build/deploy our universal dismiss selfhost app! It’s on GitHub here:

          Deploy it on both devices, make sure you’re logged into Cortana on both too, and then you can click the button on both devices to schedule a toast for 10 secs in the future. Note that you might have to try it twice -make sure the RemoteId matches on both devices.

          1. Thanks, works great 🙂

  2. David says:

    Stupid how this is coupled to Cortana, which isn’t available in 99% of countries.

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