Action Center in the Cloud – Notification Mirroring

New in Anniversary Update (build 14356 or newer): Action Center in the Cloud allows you to see your phone's notifications on your PC. We call this Notification Mirroring, and it automatically works without any changes to apps!

With Notification Mirroring and Cortana, users can receive and act on their phone's notifications (Windows Mobile and Android) from the convenience of their PC. As a developer, you don't have to do anything to enable notification mirroring, mirroring automatically works! Clicking buttons on the mirrored toast, like message quick replies, will be routed back to the phone, invoking the background task or launching your foreground app.

Developers get two great benefits from Notification Mirroring: The mirrored notifications result in more user engagement with your service, and they also help users discover your Windows Store desktop app! Your users might not even know that you have an awesome UWP app available for their Windows 10 desktop. When users receive the mirrored notification from their phone, users can click the toast notification to be taken to the Windows Store, where they can install your UWP desktop app.

Mirroring works with both Windows Phone and Android. Users need to be logged into Cortana on both their phone and desktop for Notification Mirroring to work.

What if the app is installed on both devices?

If the user already has your app on their PC, we will automatically mute the mirrored phone notification so that you don't see duplicate notifications. Mirrored notifications will be auto-muted based on the following criteria...

  1. An app on the PC exists with either the same display name or the same PFN (Package Family Name)
  2. That PC app has sent a toast notification (if the app hasn't toasted yet, we'll still show the phone notifications, since chances are, you haven't actually launched the PC app yet)

How to opt out of Notification Mirroring

UWP app developers, enterprises, and users can choose to disable Notification Mirroring.

As a developer, opt out an individual notification

You occasionally might have a device-specific notification that you don't want to be mirrored to other devices. You can prevent a specific notification from being mirrored by setting the Mirroring property on the toast notification. Currently, this mirroring property can only be set on local notifications (it can not be specified when sending a WNS push notification).

Known Issue: Retrieving the Mirroring property via the ToastNotificationHistory.GetHistory() API's will always return the default value (Allowed) rather than the option you specified. Don't worry, everything is functional - it's only retrieving the value that's broken.

Note: Disabling mirroring will also disable Universal Dismiss.

// Using the NuGet package Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.Notifications
ToastContent content = new ToastContent()
    // ... omitted
var toast = new ToastNotification(content.GetXml())
    // Disable Notification Mirroring of this notification.
    Mirroring = NotificationMirroring.Disabled

As a developer, opt out completely

Some developers might choose to completely opt their app out of Notification Mirroring. While we believe that all apps would benefit from Mirroring, we make it easy to opt out. Just call the following method once, and your app will be opted out. For example, you can place this method call in your App's constructor inside App.xaml.cs...

Note: Disabling mirroring will also disable Universal Dismiss.

public App()
    this.Suspending += OnSuspending;

    // Disable Notification Mirroring for entire app.

As an enterprise, how do I opt out?

Enterprises can choose to completely disable Notification Mirroring. To do so, they simply edit the Group Policy to turn off Notification Mirroring.

As a user, how do I opt out?

Users are able to opt out on individual apps, or completely opt out by disabling the feature. You may not want a specific app's notifications mirrored to your desktop, so you can simply disable that specific app. You can find these options in Cortana's settings on both your phone and PC.

Note: Disabling mirroring will also disable Universal Dismiss.

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