CONTENT MOVED: Chaseable Tiles – Know what was clicked on your Live Tile (Windows 10 UWP)

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Please see the article on for the latest documentation.

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  1. Vladislav says:

    It’s really great and useful feature!

  2. Russty says:

    So I know the arguments of say the four tiles that were recently displayed. How do I find the argument of the one tile that was displaying when the user actually clicked it?

    By the way the ‘e’ in here should be ‘args’

     string[] allArgs = e.TileActivatedInfo.RecentlyShownNotifications
                   .Select(i => i.Arguments)

    1. Russty says:

      Okay maybe I should have read the guidance first..

      But the ‘e’ is still incorrect 🙂

      1. andrewbares7 says:

        Thanks for that correction Russty, updated the doc to use the correct variable! And yep, the first one is the one that the user “clicked” – remember that the user also might just want to launch your app normally, so you typically don’t want to directly navigate to what they “clicked” in case they just wanted to launch your app 🙂

  3. Why not call them Trackable Tiles instead?

  4. I am trying to use this feature with a Windows.FullTrustApplication entry point. With Toasts, arguments get passed to the Full Trust executable via the command line. I expected similar behavior for Tile arguments, however, I am not seeing any arguments passed in when clicking on the Tile. Should I be receiving Tile arguments on the command line if I have a Full Trust entry point?

    1. andrewbares7 says:

      Hey Keefer. Chaseable tiles currently aren’t supported on full trust entry points, since they don’t have an OnActivated method to receive this advanced activation information.

      The activation info includes a *list* of “recently shown notifications”, which can’t simply be placed in the command line.

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