People Tile Template in Windows 10

We recently added a new special tile template: People. This is the template that the People app uses for their primary tile, and anyone else is welcome to use it. The template displays a collection of images as circles that slide around on the tile.

Available since: Build 10572

(Desktop Only)

The template works on the following sizes...

  • TileMedium
  • TileWide
  • TileLarge

If you're using NotificationsExtensions, using the People template is as simple as creating a new TileBindingContentPeople object for your TileBinding's Content. The TileBindingContentPeople class has an Images property where you add your images.

If you're using raw XML, then set the hint-presentation to "people", and add your images as children of the binding element.

TileContent content = new TileContent()
    Visual = new TileVisual()
        TileMedium = new TileBinding()
            Content = new TileBindingContentPeople()
                Images =
                    new TileImageSource("Assets/ProfilePics/1.jpg"),
                    new TileImageSource("Assets/ProfilePics/2.jpg"),
                    new TileImageSource("Assets/ProfilePics/3.jpg"),
                    new TileImageSource("Assets/ProfilePics/4.jpg"),
                    new TileImageSource("Assets/ProfilePics/5.jpg"),
                    new TileImageSource("Assets/ProfilePics/6.jpg"),
                    new TileImageSource("Assets/ProfilePics/7.jpg"),
                    new TileImageSource("Assets/ProfilePics/8.jpg"),
                    new TileImageSource("Assets/ProfilePics/9.jpg")

    <binding template='TileMedium' hint-presentation='people'>
      <image src='Assets/ProfilePics/1.jpg'/>
      <image src='Assets/ProfilePics/2.jpg'/>
      <image src='Assets/ProfilePics/3.jpg'/>
      <image src='Assets/ProfilePics/4.jpg'/>
      <image src='Assets/ProfilePics/5.jpg'/>
      <image src='Assets/ProfilePics/6.jpg'/>
      <image src='Assets/ProfilePics/7.jpg'/>
      <image src='Assets/ProfilePics/8.jpg'/>
      <image src='Assets/ProfilePics/9.jpg'/>


We recommend providing 9 photos for the Medium tile, 15 photos for the Wide tile, and 20 photos for the Large tile. This will result in a few empty circles, which helps prevent the tile from being too visually busy. Feel free to provide more or less images to tweak how many empty circles appear, to get the look that feels best for you.

To send the notification, see Choose a notification delivery method


Comments (15)

  1. kafuka says:

    ugly!!!!no circle!no circle!no circle!

  2. unnamed says:


  3. Tobi says:

    Are you guys at MS blind? This looks like crap.

  4. Scott says:

    At least give some reasoning behind why you don't like it. Just saying "this looks like crap" gives no actual feedback that anyone on the product team can then process.

    Remember: Criticism is only useful if constructive.

    1. Rajiv says:

      1. It does not fit the Windows ‘Modern’ design language
      2. It does not look aesthetic
      3. Do not treat us as fools who cannot see the difference between aesthetically pleasing and butt ugly

  5. Ugly Ugly Ugly says:

    Everything that windows phone was not about. Bring back the squares, now!

    Worst design ever.

  6. Alexandre says:

    Really, the old 'squared' template was better. Because of:

    1) More optimal space usage. Old images used exactly 100% of tile, the all surface.

    Whereas new 'circles' – about 79%. Look like a strange space wastage…

    2)The common design. I see that Windows OS going flat-squared, OK, nice. The simple and clear design, great. But why you're going to use a circles too? Square (ok, it's rectangle) screen, square menus, square tiles even 'Start' button now is square and… what? circles?

    At least, I'd prefer to place it like honeycomb to use the all space as much as possible. But honestly, squares was so cute and so /affordable/ for the whole UI design.

    Hope that my opining would be heard.

  7. Carole Kyser says:

    The People tile is not showing up.  What can I do?  Also, how you make a group?  Thanks,  Carole

  8. Carole Kyser says:

    How can I edit my Contacts?   Thanks,  Carole

  9. andrewbares7 says:

    Hi Carole, are you an app developer?

    This blog is for app developers, not end users. We can't help you with issues in the People app.

  10. Oliver says:

    Looks awful! People told you via the feedback app that they do not like the circle people tiles – and still you stick to your decision just like politicians… You will loose market share because of that, you'll see…My argument for buying a windows phone was that the start screen is modern – now that argument is gone. So why not just buy android?

  11. windows phone lover says:

    I don't like the circles at all, bring back the squares

  12. Igor says:

    Icons displaying in very low quality. I see it on my phone (950xl).

    1. andrewbares7 says:

      Hi Igor, are you saying that the People app’s icons on their Live Tile are low quality? If so, please use the Feedback Hub app to submit feedback about the People app.

      1. Rajiv says:

        Nobody listens to the feedback app – if so they would have done something about the 35,000 votes asking to bring back square people tiles (at least as an option)

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