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  1. If the user profile is still needed yet still getting the 1511 errors, then change the account name from domainuser to user@domain. There is a bug with how IIS parses the user account field.

  2. Beth Naquin says:

    Does anyone know what to do if you need LoadUserProfile = True? My DefaultAppPool works fine, but I also need another appPool (at .NET 4.0). I'm using Windows 8 with IIS 8.  As long as LoadUserProfile = False, my website will run, but a third-party tool will not. As soon as I set LoadUserProfile=True on anything but the DefaultAppPool, I get the above errors (EventID = 5022 The Windows Process Activation Service failed to create a worker process for the application pool 'myAppPool'.)  Seems like some sort of users/permissions error, but I cannot figure out what to set.

  3. Louis says:

    Thanks very much, your post saved my day!

  4. SPEX says:

    That's great and it brought my web app back.  However, did you ever discover why this happened and do you know what the ramifications of changing this value to false are?

  5. Sebastiaan says:

    Thanks, brought back my Sharepoint on SBS2011!!

  6. Gregory Cecil says:

    Thanks for the post. The quick fix worked for me too. I dug a little deeper and found out that the AppPool User Profile was corrupt. 7The permanent solution was to delete the profile from System Properties|AdvancedAUser Profiles|Settings. Details here…/947215

    Now I can start the app pool with "Load User Profile"  set back to True.

  7. Raja Subramani says:

    Thanks a lot…It saved my Time…..

  8. ilyushin says:

    Thank you a lot, it realy helped me!

  9. Samee says:

    Thanks a lottt!!!!!, it really solved problem I had for weeks…:)

  10. Kat says:

    This saved my server from loading the backup image! Thanks

  11. GerardAtJob says:

    Same here, tx!  (Don't know why it started to create app pool with this checked by default…)

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