Office Accounting 2009 (US) launched as a free upgrade for existing users

Whether you are using Small Business Accounting 2006 or Office Accounting 2007 or 2008, you qualify for a free upgrade to 2009. Paid for versions upgrade to 2009 professional and express upgrades to 2009 Express: Why upgrade?  Besides the fact that it is a free upgrade, there are several new features and a good…


UK VAT Rate Changes and How to deal with them in Office Accounting

As you may have seen in the news and as reported on the HMRC website, the standard VAT rate will be lowered temporarily by the government: “In his Pre-Budget Report on 24 November 2008 the Chancellor announced that the standard rate of VAT will be reduced to 15% on 1 December 2008.” The government has…


New Book – Using Microsoft Office Accounting to the MAX

Gary Simon has written a great little book on Office Accounting 2008 (Express and Professional) seen from the perspective of the business owner, as in “how do I use this ##!!! software to run my business?”, rather than the traditional “click here” approach of describing how the different forms and fields interact. To this date…


Don’t do this at home – faking the currency in Office Accounting Professional

A good number of people from countries like Australia, South Africa, India, Ireland and others have been asking how they can change the currency in the UK version Office Accounting, so it shows their local currency symbol rather than £. There is a way to get around this issue, but it does come with downsides, so…


Office Accounting Express helps Miami bridge the Digital Divide

I am attending the US Conference of Mayors in Miami, Florida. Digital inclusion is a hot topic down here, where it is a common belief that the communities need to adopt technology to avoid being lost in an increasingly connected world. The City of Miami launched Elevate Miami about two years ago where they provide…


Creating a custom list in Excel

Have you ever found that the lists in Office Accounting are great, but you are missing that one column you need (which the engineers at Microsoft just didn’t think you wanted), like the second address field on the customer list you want for a mail merge? Fortunately there is hope. Office Accounting is based on an…


Using business templates for setting up a company

Are you a consultant or accounting (accountancy) professional with clients using Office Accounting? Have you spent some time playing around with the product and want to keep your setup? The new business templates in Office Accounting 2008 can help you do that. Here are the steps: 1.       Set up a new company (or import it…



My name is John Thuneby and I am a Senior Program Manager on the Office Accounting team. My job is to design software, so while I will be posting tips and tricks on using Office Accounting, I hope to receive feedback on how well the software is working out and how we can improve it.