Office Accounting 2009 (UK) finally launched as a free upgrade for existing users

In the wee hours of this morning (GMT) we launched the 2009 UK edition of Office Accounting. We have also made Office Accounting 2009 Service Pack 1 (SP1) available for download. Office Accounting 2009 with SP1 is fully certified by HMRC.

If you are currently using Office Accounting 2008, you qualify for a free upgrade. Office Accounting Professional and Office Accounting Professional Plus users upgrade to 2009 Professional and Express users upgrade to 2009 Express

Why Upgrade?

If you are using payroll, you really want to upgrade (with the SP) before closing the payroll year.

For the rest of you out there, the 2009 version will sport a bunch of bug fixes, 10 new reports in the Pro version (8 in Express) and a Vista gadget. You can read about the new features here.

Similar to the US, we took those nasty watermarks off as default on the printouts (remember UNPAID?).

Similar to the US product, the 2009 Office Accounting Pro supports 32bit SQL Server 2008. You can basically install SQL Server 2008 first and then choose to install the client only of Office Accounting and point to SQL 2008.

Comments (4)

  1. BobColc says:


    It’s a great pity that this latest release did not remove the system of voiding entries.

    Voids are an absolute nuisance. It would be much better to allow a real delete of records – this was possible in the UK MYOB system and in Microsoft Money.

    I think Microsoft include the Void system to please accountants. But how much do the care. In any case the end user pays the licence fee to Microsoft and the system should meet his or her needs. Voids give the typical user no benefits and lots of hassle!


    Bob Colclough

  2. BobColc says:


    In addition to the last comment you can see some of the detailed hassles that arise with voids at:

  3. alibeoley says:

    Hello, can you advise if this upgrade is still available? The link goes to a dead page.  I’m an MOA 2008 Pro user and would like to upgrade to 2009.  Many thanks.

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