New Book – Using Microsoft Office Accounting to the MAX

Gary Simon has written a great little book on Office Accounting 2008 (Express and Professional) seen from the perspective of the business owner, as in “how do I use this ##!!! software to run my business?”, rather than the traditional “click here” approach of describing how the different forms and fields interact.

To this date it is probably the best book I have read on Office Accounting – not because of technical complexity but because of relevance for the small business user. The author’s business tips goes far beyond the software itself.

Although written for the UK market, US users can easily get value out of the book (Hint: In the UK vendors are called suppliers, tax is VAT, etc) although the price may seem a little steep considering the latest drop of the US dollar.

Any downsides? Well, besides the price point (£37), the author certainly drank the Microsoft Kool-Aid and chapter 1 may seem confusing to the novice user (it describes all the company preferences up front). But all in all worth every penny if you like our software and want to take your business to the next level…

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