My name is John Thuneby and I am a Senior Program Manager on the Office Accounting team. My job is to design software, so while I will be posting tips and tricks on using Office Accounting, I hope to receive feedback on how well the software is working out and how we can improve it.

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  1. BYO Playground says:

    We were running MOA Professional 2008 integrated with BCM 2007 and were frequently getting the following error message when creating a new quote, sales order, or invoice:

    Error "Could not modify the current record because it has dependencies".  We then cannot save the transaction and have to start again.

    I am not sure what is causing this error.  We upgraded to MOA 2009 professional in the hopes that this would eliminate this error, but it has not.  

    Any ideas on how to not get this error message.

    Thank you,

    Bill Calhoun

  2. bm97ppc says:


    Not really sure your support to post questions like this, so apologies if you’re not.

    Our local intranet heavily integrates into Sage Line 50, We are IT consultants and like, sell and integrate MS products so we switched to MOA at our END of year (April).

    Anyway to the point, I have been picking though the tables / views and after a lot of digging i have pretty much reassembled our Intranet, well the passive side anyway. I now would like to re introduce some of the active stuff e.g. creating customers and Invoices etc. None of us really understand the SDK, our skills are in WEB and SQL. I have used various tools to watch what MOA does (SQL) when creating customer, etc. Needless to say it scars me as a simple create new customer involves 150+ inserts, deletes and updates. Is it ok to do this directly, and if so is the any advice / documentation / methods on this.

    We are reluctant to do this in case all seems well but say we run the end of year and find we have not been updating a table somewhere and end up corrupting a year’s worth of accounts. And worse still converting all our customers to MOA and re-integrating there intranets to damage their accounts data.



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