VS 2012: Project file compatibility with VS 2010

You know how it used to be: A new version of Visual Studio is released and you are eager to try it out. You install the new version side-by-side with your current version and try it out with a few sample projects. Great. Now you want to try it on *real* code.

So you open up one of your current solutions (which of course is under Source Control), the project upgrade wizard starts and BAM! you can’t open this solution in your earlier version of Visual Studio anymore.

You carefully undo your changes.

Back to square one.

But what if the project files were upgraded in such as way that they could be opened in the previous version of Visual Studio?

Wouldn’t that be great? You could start developing parts of your solution in the new Visual Studio, while retaining the rest of the solution in the old version.

Well, this is exactly what you can do now. Make sure you have SP1 of Visual Studio 2010 installed, install Visual Studio 2012 RC and start the migration in-place. All the details can be found here.

Great, great feature!

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Happy coding!


Comments (5)

  1. Oliver Salzburg says:

    This surely means you are also creating newly created 2012 projects in such a way that they can still be opened in 2010, right?

  2. Val says:

    It doesnt work, after upgrading mvc4 app to vs2012 I can't open it in vs2010 sp1

  3. Won says:

    Getting an incompatibility error message after "safely" converting in VS2012 and opening in VS2010 SP1. MVC4 app.

    I diffed the changes and only the version number of VS was changed in the solution file.

    Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 12.00

    # Visual Studio 2012

  4. Joe says:

    @Val and @Won,

    VS2010 does not know anything about MVC4.  It only supports MVC2 and MVC3.  

    *Care*: VS2012 doesn't know anything about MVC2.  It will force you to upgrade to MVC3!

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