VS 2012: Preview File feature

Ever done a Find in Files in a Visual Studio solution, stepping through the search results? Irritated that you now have many files open for editing that you are in fact not editing at all?

I am. Constantly. I usually end up hitting Windows –> Close All Windows and then restart opening up the files I ‘m editing.

Pragmatic? Yes.

Effective? Hardly.

There must be a better way, and in Visual Studio 2012 there is. It’s called the Preview File feature and it works like this. Whenever you open a file and document implicitly (like Find In Files), the document is opened in preview document tab that is aligned to right. If you then go to next file in your search, that document is recycled, so you only have one open. Just remember to single-click in Find Results Window. Double-click will open it up as usual.

This also works when debugging, browsing files in Solution Explorer etc.

There’s a lot more to tool & editing windows in Visual Studio 2012. Check out all the details here.

Great, great feature!


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Happy coding!


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