Shortcuts List

Threat Analysis and Modeling contains lot of shortcuts for the most used functionality in the tool. These could be very useful when working on larger threat models.


New Threat Model

Ctrl + N

Open Threat Model

Ctrl + O

Save Threat Model

Ctrl + S

Find Item

Ctrl + F

New Child Item

Ctrl + Shift + N

New Business Objective

Ctrl + Shift + B

New User Role

Ctrl + Shift + R

New Service Role

Ctrl + Shift + S

New Identity

Ctrl + Shift + I

New Data

Ctrl + Shift + D

New Component

Ctrl + Shift + C

New External Dependency

Ctrl + Shift + E

New Use Case

Ctrl + Shift + U

New Call

Ctrl + Shift + A (Action).

Delete an Item (selected item in the treeview)

Ctrl + Shift + Del

Generate Threats

Ctrl + Shift + G

Import Attack Library

Ctrl + Shift + L

View Call Graph

Ctrl + Shift + V

View Attack Surface

Ctrl + Shift + T

View Data Access Control Matrix

Ctrl + Shift + M

View Subject Object Matrix

Ctrl + Shift + O



Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or issues with the tool. You can email us at

Anil Revuru (RV)

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