New addition to the team

Well, I joined the Microsoft ACE Team in May 2006.  Having seen the Threat Modeling tool from the outside, it has finally been a pleasure to meet and begin working with the talented people that are behind the tool. And I have had a lot of fun over the past two months and look forward to a lot more.

At this team, I will be focusing on building a comprehensive application compliance framework, aligning the threat modeling terminology with industry security standards, raising the awareness of Application Security across industry and academia and on improving the attack library.

Here is a short bio of me:

My interest in security started with my undergraduate project on Biometrics back in 1998. I graduated and moved to Atlanta, Georgia to enroll in the Masters in Information Security program at the Georgia Institute of Technology. During my Masters I worked with several prominent Information Security Professors and focused my research on Securing Distributed File Systems. I have had my research published at leading Distributed System Conferences. After my finishing my Masters, my quest for research had not yet subsided and I continued with my PhD at Georgia Tech. My PhD research interests shifted towards Security in Virtual Machines. I put my PhD research on hold after two years and joined Intel as a Research Scientist. At Intel I architected the Secure Inter-domain communication channel which will become a part of their future product. With Intel, I also published more research papers and several patents on security. I moved on from Intel and in May 2006, I joined Microsoft ACE Team as a Security Technologist.

If you have any questions feel free to drop me an email.


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