RC2 Release!!!

[Update] RC2 is live now and can be download from here, we had some technical difficulties earlier.


With a lot of requests coming in for the new release, we decided it would only make sense to release this publically. BTW… My name is Anil RV, call me RV, I am the dev lead on the tool and have been with the ACE team for almost 2 years now. Going forward, you’ll hear more from me on this blog as well. My key responsibilities include creating tools to make the processes we create more usable by both Microsoft internal users and external customers. The following are some of the major features of RC2 release.


-          Threat Generation errors now reported in message list which are actionable

-          Copy Paste feature enabled for all nodes

-          Drag and drop for most of the nodes works

-          * New Feature: Import threat models from v1 of our tool (codenamed “Torpedo” – not available externally).

-          * New Feature: After importing a v1 threat model, a user can drag a user role and make it a service role, vice-versa is not enabled.

-          * New Feature: Find Feature, which allows the user to find specific to find threats, unreferenced nodes, components with high risk threats etc.

-          Updated Reports and Analytics

-          * New Feature: System Call Flow which gives a bird’s eye view of the system, combining all the calls in system.

-          More cosmetic changes and bug fixes


You can download the RC2 release from here (we won’t be publishing a link to this from our homepage because RTM is just around the corner). As always, please feel free to contact us regarding any features/suggestions/bugs.


Anil RV

Security Technologist

Ace Services

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