Posting from word

I was cutting and pasting from word till now to post. It was long in my list to try and use word and see how that works and it works great.








I look forward to using this.

Comments (3)

  1. mattortiz says:


    I have also used Word but also find the need for posting images, formatted code (often C#) and for manipulating the HTML.  As I’ve not had luck with any of that with Word 2007 I wonder if you’ve found any success in those areas specifically?



  2. Mark Miller says:

    I use Windows Live Writer for posting, and have had great success.  It is an excellent blogging tool.

  3. Thottam R. Sriram says:

    I tried Live Writer yesterday and it worked well for me too. It did not have a add-in to support formatted code, I had to download one and use it. The one I downloaded was also not so good with the colouring and such.

    I just ventured into this, I will write a post as soon as I get a feel for it.

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