My article on MSDN about COM interop

My article “Introduction to COM interop” got published in MSDN magazine this month. This article gives an overview of what is possible with COM interop and how you can accomplish it. It has good working samples for Pinvoke, Reverse Pinvoke etc. Please read through the article and provide your suggestion and feedback on the same. I would like to write another article next year and any hints on interesting topics will be useful. Here is a link to my article on MSDN (article)

Comments (3)

  1. liligd says:

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  2. dkaatz says:


    Reading your article right now, trying to find answers to my problem:

    I am trying to integrate a third party COM object into my unmanaged code – the COM object is registered by/contained in an exe file.  I want to create an unmanaged wrapper of the third party class library.  

    I guess an example of such a exercise would be a good thing, although if it comes out in an article next year that will be too late for my purposes.

    I am so used to writing managed code, I can barely get back to unmanaged.

  3. alanjmcf says:

    Nice article!  Especially the wee bit in the middle about using SOS.dll.  I had tried many times to start using SOS+WinDbg but could never get started.  You showed the answer:

     sxe ld mscorwks


     .loadby sos mscorwks

    Ah that’s how to get WinDbg to find the correct SOS extension location!  Very happy now. 🙂

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