Implementing a multi-lingual internet site based on MOSS2007

One of the requirements for the implementation of was supporting several countries with their languages and showing local content on the homepage for each individual country. The red box in the following screenshot marks this area for the local content where you can find the local content for "Switzerland" in "German".

Using such a concept would allow a user to select the country (and language if there are several languages within this country) and the homepage will render this content which is specific to this country on a pre-defined section of the homepage. For selecting the country and language we've implemented this control on the homepage:

Clicking on the country drop-down opens the list of supported countries:

After selecting for example "Switzerland" and "German" these controls will change into German:

All of that was implemented with a combination of variations and a hierarchy of sub-webs for managing the country specific content. The main content of the whole site is managed under the variations "DE" (German), "EN" (English), "ES" (Spanish), "FR" (French) and "IT" (Italian):

The country specific content is stored under this hierarchy of sub-webs:

For combining the main content which is managed under the variations and the local content we're simply using a web part which renders this local content on the home page.


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