Changing Default Control and Form/Report Settings

This is one of those features that almost nobody knows about because it isn’t very discoverable. In Access 2007 (and earlier), you can change the default property values for any new controls in a form or report. Here are the necessary steps: Open/Create form or report in design mode; Select the “Design” contextual tab (or…


New Access to SQL Server Migration tool

A new tool is available for Access to SQL Server migrations. The SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access is available here. Notice, however, that the tool is not released yet – these are pre-release quality bits. As usal, backup, backup, backup and backup before usage. “Why should I care” tidbit from the docs: Q. Why…


Access and Colors: How Access 2003 works

There is a lot of confusion regarding the Access color properties, such as font color, control background, etc. People just don’t grok the numeric values that Access uses. And that’s not surprising considering how misleading it is. Perhaps one reason for that is that nowadays everybody uses HTML colors, which are actually very simple:  24…


Macros vs. VBA

As many people have pointed out, macros do not offer the same range of functionality that VBA does. It’s kind of interesting that some people even think that Macros were some sort of pre-VBA functionality that Access had. This is actually false – both macros and VBA were introduced in the same Access version (do…


Erik Rucker’s blog

You might want to check out our GPM (Group Program Manager) blog here: I heard it’s going to be all-Access 12 all-new content 🙂


Office 2003 SP2 is out

Access users: Make sure you install SP2 (here: since it also contains some important Access fixes. This KB article describes what’s changed Access-wise:


While I’m still talking about Access samples…

I bumped into this Access sample the other day which is very interesting: an Access to/from Powerpoint presentation creator/exporter/importer. It shows you how to automagically create PowerPoint presentations using Access and how to make use of PowerPoint presentation within Access. And it’s all powered by OLE, using the OLE control. This got me thinking… you…



Perhaps one of the first things you play with when you start to learn about Access is the Northwind database. Some people have some very strong dislike about Northwind. And you know what? They have very good reasons. Northwind has a lot of depth by using a lot of different types of objects (queries, etc)…


Most Annoying Feature… ever

This is a pet peeve… If you use Access and have multiple windows open, each window shows up as a separate icon in the task bar.   Thankfully, you can turn this feature off in the Options dialog. Of course, you need to have a database open to use this dialog (don’t get me started,…


Rumours of Access’ demise greatly exaggerated

I saw this thread the other day on UtterAccess (btw, a very nice resource for all things Access) which made me laught a little. Oh, the rumours. It’s always fun to hear crazy stuff you know first hand to be completly made up. Well, if it serves anything, I can authoratively say that that Access is…