UX in the real world: Parking machine nightmare

Sometimes my inner UX geek just has to come out into the real world. Below are two examples of parking machines. The proposition in both locations is the same: you park your car and before you leave you put a ticket in the machine and pay for it. That’s about as complex as it gets…


Evolve or die!

If there is one thing certain in web design it’s this: change your interface and your user’s will temporarily hate you. Facebook, Google+ and the BBC Sports website are just three site’s which have dramatically changed their visual design recently – and faced the wrath of their user base as a consequence. All you need…


Stakeholders: a different breed

During the course of my career I have had to deal with many-a-stakeholder. In an ideal world they get involved from the very inception and are provided with an opportunity to feedback and shape the project until completion. However, this process does not always run smoothly. You get angry stakeholders and you get apathetic ones….