The .NET Show: The Final Episode – Silverlight

After over seven years, and 63 episodes, the time has come to bring The .NET Show to a close. Trust me, the decision is not based on any lack of content or slowdown in the advancement of .NET and related technologies, far from it!

As proof, in this episode we focus on one of the more exciting new developments in .NET, which of course is Silverlight! Joining me in this episode is one of our more regular guests, Scott Guthrie, general manager for .NET Platform Technologies, along with Jason Zander, general manager for the .NET Framework.

We discuss the overall scope and usage of Silverlight v1.0, and how it provides a cross browser as well as cross platform experience with exciting graphics and media capabilities. We also look at Silverlight v1.1, and how it will provide the rich programming infrastructure of .NET which will also work cross browser and cross platform.

To close out this episode, Erica interviews Sanjay Parthasarathy to learn about his background, motivations, and perhaps just a little bit about how to play cricket.

While it is with a certain amount of sadness that we bring the show to a close, we are pleased to have played a role in spreading news and information about the great platform technologies coming out of Microsoft.

But you may also want to keep your eyes on Channel 9... you can never tell who might pop up over there...

And here is just a little bit of background and history of the .NET Show:

It was back in mid 1999 that I was asked to think about how we could create a professionally produced media experience that would provide a developer audience with the latest details about all of the great platform technologies that we were producing. From those brainstorming sessions “The .NET Show” was born (it was then called “The MSDN Show”).

Our first show was made available in December of 1999, and since then we have produced over 60 unique episodes covering a broad range of platform technologies and features. We’ve had episodes focusing on BizTalk, SQL Server, Win64, ASP.NET, Visual Studio, Code Optimization, ADFS, TabletPC, Indigo, WinFS, Avalon, Managed DirectX, and many more. My guests have included Brian Valentine, Paul Flessner, John Shewchuk, Anders Hejlsberg, Andrew Layman, Michael Wallent, and of course Bill Gates.

The .NET Show provided a focused and engaging venue for leadership on the various Microsoft platform technologies that are important to communicate to developers. To further appeal to developers, the show was consciously launched in an unconventional and cutting-edge format, far ahead of average consumers' access through broadband internet access. We pushed the envelope on both the form, and the function of the content, with the hopes of providing our audience with an engaging, informing, and perhaps even slightly entertaining experience.

The format and the success of The .NET Show led to several other web-based technology broadcasts from Microsoft, as well as from various other companies. The overall media experience continues to grow and evolve turning the web into a broad reaching tool that is changing the landscape of video and information distribution. We were glad we were able to be there at the beginning, and played a role in experimenting with the potential it provided.

...see you on the Web!

-Robert & Erica

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