The .NET Show: ASP.NET AJAX Extensions

I’m pleased to announce that the latest episode of “The .NET Show” has now been posted:
the topic for this episode is:

The .NET Show: ASP.NET AJAX Extensions
In this episode I meet with Brad Abrams, Matt Gibbs, and Bertrand Le Roy to examine the features, capabilities, and potential of the recently released ASP.NET AJAX Extensions for creating web-based applications which break free of the need for doing a full page re-fresh to update the content within the page.

We discuss not only AJAX in general, but specifically how ASP.NET brings about a much better integration with how developers can use this technology in their websites. We look at how this functionality has been seamlessly added into Visual Studio, as well as the various way web designers and developers can utilize it to improve the performance, as well as the interactivity of the solutions that they are developing for the web. Bertrand runs through several demos that clearly illustrate how ASP.NET AJAX is an important technology for anybody currently developing web based solutions to look at adding to their repertoire.
Then in our segment, we feature Rowena Branch, a Readiness Product Manager in the Global Readiness group. This is Erica Wiechers first appearance since the birth of her new son Evan, who makes a brief cameo appearance near the start of the show.

-Robert Hess

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