New .NET Show Site Design

With our 50th episode, we’ve also redesigned The .NET Show site. Some of the changes include:

  • Cleaner, updated home page, with a look similar to the MSDN Dev Centers

  • .NET Show blog postings available from the Show home page

  • Episode pages have a cleaner, updated look (MSDN TV and .NET Show use the same template now for consistency) and include such additions as Related Links, a quick-viewing Details box, and shorter blurbs

  • Cleaner looking Archive that can be sorted/filtered by title, date, or topic
  • Older archived shows have been moved into the MSDN Archive

  • New .NET Show imagery throughout the site (based on the new animation sequences that debuted with our 50th Show)

  • .NET Show site now has its own left nav

We hope you like the changes and improvements to the site. Please let us know what you think!

Comments (11)

  1. bahes says:

    Special hello from Croatian viewer!

    .NET Show is my best connection with Microsoft and it employees. To see how pasionate they are in their work is inspiring! Please continue excellent work at .NET Show!

  2. chris.g. says:

    as my fellow wrote! great job!

    greetings from germany

  3. pext says:


  4. ark says:

    I think the new site design's neat and good.

    .NET Show is my important way to get more info about .NET. Thank you all for your effort so long!

  5. Michael says:

    As a long time watcher of the .NET show I was wondering why it is no longer possible to scale the size of the video window. Since I'm on a broadband connection I'd like to be able to watch it in a larger window or full screen like was posible in the past.

  6. Erica says:

    Hi Michael - in the special viewer you can view full screen if you double-click the video window. Let us know if this helps.

  7. Steven Calderon says:

    Huy esta asta bueno lo recomiendo ...

  8. Haritha says:

    Can we call blogs through dotnet

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