Finished Filming: Longhorn Avalon

Yesterday we filmed our next episode of “The .NET Show”, this episode focused on Longhorn's graphical support layer, known as Avalon. My guests for the Architectural segment were Pablo Fernicola and David Ornstein, and we tried to cover as much as we could regarding many of the enhancements, and added capabilities of Avalon and how this might change/improve the way applications will be on Longhorn. In the programmer segment I talked with Rob Relyea and Nathan Dunlap. Nathan is actually a “Designer“ and not a programmer, and he shared with us some of the aspects of Longhorn and Avalon that get him excited about what he will not only be able to accomplish, but how he will actually be able to be more directly involved with the application development cycle moving foward. In our "" segment, Erica talks with Eileen Crain about her work with the Regional Directors program.

I tried to make a point of being sure to discuss some of the ways that application developers working on “current“ applications can/should start thinking about the role that their development efforts can start to be getting prepared for Longhorn and Avalon.

You can find some of the “backstage“ pictures that I took during the filming of this episode in a shared album I created on

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  1. Hi

    Good job, another show to watch, let me start by thanking you for putting together a show that very is informative and entertaining. You both are two of my favourites movie stars.

    I’ve watched every show you produced, I think, I love the show,excellent topics, excellent guests( most times), pretty good questioning and no offense Robert, sweet hostess (Erica)

    Keep the good work.

    Best Luck


  2. I enjoy the behind the scenes photo’s, but one piece of advice .. you really need more photo’s of Erica! πŸ™‚

  3. Robert Hess says:

    So how come nobody has yet complained that their aren’t -any- pictures of me? Sheesh… :->

  4. Mike Dunn says:

    I REEEALLY* appreciate the sneak peeks at Erica’s outfit πŸ˜‰

    *My tribute to you, Robert πŸ˜‰

  5. senkwe says:

    *sigh* Erica πŸ™‚

  6. rx says:

    oh my god, MS groupies..

  7. >> Robert Hess

    >> So how come nobody has yet complained that their

    >> aren’t -any- pictures of me? Sheesh… :->

    Uh.. Robert….I hate to break it to you, but Erica is much better looking.. (no offense). πŸ™‚

  8. Gerhard Poul says:

    Just a little hint for Robert: If you let Erica do some of the shots we’ll also have some shots of you and your segments πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Martin Paul says:

    Well done on another great .Net show. I have watched them all and I must say 90% of the time you get the show just right.

    Your questions on WinFS are spot on. I too am a bit worried how this is going to cross over to our networked users.

    Erica you are a wee doll, and most of us IT admins here in the East Coast of Scotland just love ya ! We only wish the show was longer!

    What we would like to see Robert is a demo or slide show during your discussions, for those who can’t get to the PDC etc.

    Again, many thanks for many hours of enjoyed viewing. Keep up the good work!

    Marty fae Scotland.

  10. Christian says:

    When is the next episode available for download? I love the show! The questions are very good and Erica looks very nice πŸ™‚


  11. Greg Quimm says:

    Why can’t Erica start her own pictures only site? She’d make more money than "Bill"… πŸ™‚

    Everybody over here LOVES you Erica

  12. huckeberry says:

    the wallpaper on the one shot of the machine is awesome .

    where can i dl that one ?

  13. Lou Grestner says:

    2 years ago we wrote our application (about 1500-2000 screens/forms) in VB6. After fixing most of the bugs and making it fairly stable, we realized that there isn’t much point on just ignoring .NET and keep enhancing the VB6 version. So we spend thousands on the .NET developer training and our VB6 developers barely understand .NET so far. They have begun to write test port of some small portions using .NET Windows forms. Now when we will be half way through converting our application to .NET Windows forms, Avalon will be out and reasonably stable/tested in market. So we will dump our half written application or leave it as it is and write the remaining half in Avalon. Then when we are done just converting, Microsoft will announce ReDoSameStuffAgain_lon version. So we will re-write the same stuff again and the cycle will continue… write, re-write and repeat. Wish there was an easy upgrade path so we could focus more on improving application for users instead of keeping up with Microsoft!!

  14. Robert Björn says:

    If MSDN articles and the .NET show is any indication, I think it will make perfect sense to retain most of your managed code and perhaps modify storage and interface to take better advantage of Longhorn. In any case, my main gripe with Microsoft for years (and I think I shared this with many others) was that they’d retain backwards compatibility at the expense of good toolkits and technical elegance. I feel very happy that they’re not addressing this, .NET is pure joy to program for and I think Longhorn’s going to be great!

    I love the .NET show. Make your new episiode available already, I can hardly wait! πŸ™‚

  15. Don says:

    To Lou:

    I guess MS could just keep working on technology from 1995 and never release anything new. That way your developers who can’t seem to open a book and figure out anything will be able to stay complacent. It sound like you need to get rid of the developers you have and put all of that training money towards paying developers who can read a manual.

    Better yet why don’t you use Linux, there is platform that never changes.

  16. Chris says:

    I guess this episode is late in being posted?

  17. Robert Hess says:

    The next episode (On Avalon) will get posted any day now. Just doing the "fit & finish" on the transcript and download pages.

    -Robert Hess

  18. Paul Britton says:

    Appreciate the update Robert! I’ve been hittin the show page every evening after I get home from work. heh


  19. Chris says:

    aww, Still no Avalon episode. Maybe it’ll be up this weekend.

    hey there Mr. Hess, it’s cool that you post on this blog. I love the show. πŸ™‚

  20. I just hope I can see it live…

  21. rx says:

    ok, another show on longhorn? come on, you guys suck. lay off the whidbey/longhorn bandwaggon already. all this hype on unreleased products is tiring and makes me hate MS even more.

  22. Robert Hess says:

    RX… one of the purposes of The .NET Show is to help developers understand what’s coming down the technology pipe that they should be aware of. Sometimes this will be technologies that are just "moments" away, and sometimes I’ll cover things that are further off. And sometimes I’ll even cover things that are "current", but which I feel developers aren’t quite as aware of as I think they should be.

    "Longhorn" embodies a significant number of technology changes/advances, and while even though it is still some time out, I think that there is sufficient need for developers to be getting a certain level of awareness of it so that they can be thinking about how these changes "might" affect the applications they are developing today, and therefore be better prepared for when they actually start adding Longhorn specific features and capabilities to them.

    Immediately following the previous PDC, my goal was to quickly provide episodes that covered each of the "key pillars" of longhorn so that developers would at least have a reasonable level of awareness of the major features of Longhorn that they "might" need to be thinking about.

    On Friday I will be filming an episode covering "Longhorn Fundamentals", and this will probably be the last Longhorn episode for a while (although I could probably cover individual Longhorn features between now and when Longhorn ships, and -still- not cover all of the ones I would want to). The next episode after that one will be an overview of what "Whidbey" is (the next version of Visual Studio .NET), which while still a "future" technology, is far closer on the horizon then Longhorn is.

    -Robert Hess

    PS: Erica and I are putting the final touches on the pages necessary to post the "Avalon" episode, and if all goes well we will have this posted later today.

  23. Paul Britton says:

    woot! Downloading now… thx for the hard work Robert!


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