The .NET Show: Longhorn and WinFS

We just posted a new episode of The .NET Show, this one covers WinFS, which is the new File System that is being developed for Longhorn. A lot of us are pretty excited about some of the capabilities that will be available once WinFS is out. If you thought the addition of “Long File Names” in Windows 95 was exciting, then you ain't seen 'nuttin yet :->

The .NET Show: Longhorn and WinFS

We will be filming our next episode of the .NET Show next Wednesday (April 7th). In it we will be discussing “Avalon” which is the new graphics model for Longhorn. It's sort of like taking GDI, User, DirectX, along with some other display technologies, and wrapping them up in a far more efficient programming model. I've long said that it's a shame that with all of the great features and capabilities of the modern graphical operating systems that we continue to program them in ways that would be just as well suited for programs running on an old tele-type terminal... well, with Avalon and XAML, that all changes. At the very core of this improved graphical interface is the support for a programming model that actually acknowledges the fact that it's a GUI. Imagine that.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns that you'd like us to touch upon in this episode, please feel free to post them here, and we'll try to cover them.


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  1. Hi Robert

    Good work. I have some concern.

    What does Microsoft sees to be a future of the web and web development at all after longhorn and xaml. How will xaml and avalon influence internet explorer ?


  2. Roy J. Salisbury says:

    Was thier something special about the encoding process for this episode? Usually I can watch the shows on my Windows Media Center, but the wmv file won’t play on that PC. It plays fine on other PC’s however.


  3. I take that back.. It’s won’t play on my laptop either. In fact, it will only play on one of the 4 PC’s I have tried it on.

  4. More info ..

    WMP v9.00.00.3075 – Broken

    WMP v9.00.00.3008 – Plays fine

    And it’s not the WMV file .. It’s the streaming.. I downloaded the full file for local playback, and that works fine.

    The version of the Windows Media Server on the MS end is:

    Server: Cougar/

    Wonder if a new version was put online because it’s serving up some wacky stuff.

  5. Androidi says:

    Same here, no luck getting it to stream

  6. Androidi says:

    My version is though, i doubt it has to do with WMP versions, probably some transport/codec problem?

  7. Androidi says:

    I downloaded the .exe for offline viewing and the colors are messed up in WMP9, but ok in WMP 6.4

  8. Robert Hess says:

    I’ll have our media folks look into this. Thanks for alerting us to the problem.

  9. Alex Ericsson says:

    Same deal here. I never had any problems with previus episodes. This one wont stream. And the strangest thing is that I can’t even download for offline viewing. I tried three times with 300k and 100k streams. The download stops after 135mb of downloading. Please fix this! I was really looking forward to this episode. Thanks for a great show!

  10. Jason S. says:

    I love the .net show and the content that it brings to my desktop. But…

    Why are we wasting cycles on vapor that is at least 3 years out? Ok, post some articles and such but when the show just becomes another evangelism channel it loses value to me. I haven’t watched the show for the last 2 or 3 episodes due to this.

    Muglia: "2006 is the earliest time frame we’re looking at for Longhorn." I read that as 2007 easy. Great, spend the time and get it right, no problem. But is the final shipping product going to look REMOTELY like what is being talked about in this show? Please…

    Here’s hoping the show returns to useful content soon.

  11. Kurt Kopchik says:

    The concept of WinFS and file schemas sounds great. The only problem I see is who is going to enter all of the information in the schemas? The example about who you shared a bottle of wine with sounds nice but I know when I go out to dinner I don’t go home and enter all of the information about that dinner into a file schema for later reference.

    For WinFS to live up to its full potential there is going to have to be a way in which this schema information is, at least for the most part, automatically populated.

    Sounds to me like a killer app for Longhorn/WinFS would be a program that could facilitate this.

  12. Shannon C says:

    The Avalon Episode

    The demos

    We’ve all see the lap around longhorn .net show and msdn tv episode. We’ve all seen rotated text boxes with video playing in the background, please show us something new. I’m not saying that these things aren’t good, they are, but we’ve already seen them. Things that would be cool to see are stuff like the real estate longhorn app demo and the map fly over, etc.

    The WinFS Episode

    Someone poke Mike Deem with a sharp pointy stick until he blogs again please. 😉

  13. Robert Hess says:

    Kurt, I heartily agree with you that the use of schematized data will only be beneficial if the meta data gets populated… and frankly *I* don’t want to have to sit down and manually fill out all of that meta data!

    Today, when you copy a file into a folder on your computer, you are essentially attaching meta data to that document, so with Longhorn part of the challenge will be to find ways in which simply working with a document will automatically set up relationship and meta data information. Another will be to find ways in which we can build new UI features that make it really, really, easy to push meta data onto files. And lastly, to work with application vendors so that part of their normal file operations is to intelligently associate proper meta data with files. Will all of this work? Will we really end up with getting rich meta data associted to our files properly? I think that is the big question, and one which we (Microsoft) need to work carefully on to make sure we can properly accomplish it.

  14. name says:

    The latest MSDN TV episode (also posted Apr 1) doesn’t work either. Same error.

  15. Robert Hess says:

    Can you provide any more information about the "error" that you are getting? Perhaps even an e-mail address that we can use to get ahold of you directly so we can try to reproduce this problem with you?



  16. name says:

    I get these error dialogs when I try to play the Apr 1 streams of .NET show and MSDN TV. The new MSDN TV episode posted on Apr 8 and all previous episodes of both shows work fine.

    Win2k, WMP v9.00.00.3075


    Microsoft Internet Explorer



    Windows Media Player cannot connect to the server. The server name may be incorrect or the server is busy. Try again later.





    Microsoft Internet Explorer


    Windows Media Player cannot connect to the server. The server name may be incorrect or the server is busy. Try again later.




  17. Kudos on another great show. Nice to put Mike Deem on the spot a bit getting back to his blog. So far nothing new from Mike, so I am following your advice and pestering you to pester Mike.

  18. Afshin Zavareh says:


    I just wanted to report the same errors as the person who reported his/her error messages on the latest .NET show and the April 1st MSDN TV show. The same dialogs and the same messages.

    I do have the exact same config as the other commenter, as well (Win2K, Media Player v9.00.00.3075).



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