A great book!

Recently, I came across a book that should be a "must-read" for all developers intending to write performant, scalable code. Inevitably, you will have to consider multithreading, and so your path is beset with all kinds of trouble if you don't get things right. Helping you along your way is this book. I got the book a couple of weeks ago, and it became my constant companion: Whenever I had a couple of minutes (that is when Daniel allowed it), I would be reading it (and still am). I have even brought it with me on vacation: I am in Europe, and my trusty book is with me!

I like the way I am being brough back to the school bench while the simples concepts are explained eloquently and efficiently. Then, as you turn each page, things get progressively more complex in such a well thought out stream of info. Get it. Read it. Enjoy it!

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