Concurrency and Coordination Runtime

I am going to save you all the stories of how long it has been since I blogged last. Suffice it to say that I think this is the first post of the year! Yay! Go me!

Anyway, I was playing around with some of the technologies that we have out in various forms -- CTPs, Betas or otherwise. I was playing around with TPL, and was starting to work up a sweat over the inherent coolness in it when I came across a remark in the docs (yes, I do read those) stating that CCR may be a better choice for what I wanted to accomplish. 54 Mb of downloads later*, a new world was starting to unfold before my eyes. On my small single proc laptop, while "monitoring" Daniel watching Bob the Builder**, I started reading through the docs for CCR and writing small pieces of sample code. I think this is the best since WCF.

Having said that, the thing about CCR being the best since WCF, I guess I have to take the next logical step: I am currently thinking up a spare time project that will encompass all of my primary interests: CCR, WCF and flight simulation... Something is brewing, but not strongly enough to share yet.... I will keep you posted.

 * To get CCR you will have to download the Robotics Studio

** I really, really dislike Bob the Builder. I think Daniel has made me OD on him. For a while the only thing that Daniel would ever watch was Bob. Unfortunately, we only have one DVD and it gets old really fast. This is where CCR comes in: It is so easy to immerse yourself in CCR that you easily can live through several reruns of Bob the Builder.

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