FindMatchingControls for WPF windows

If you have used Coded UI Test API FindMatchingControls on a WPF window, you might have noticed that the returned UITestControlCollection doesn't have any children even if the window actually exists.

There is a small work around for this. You can go to the UIMap.uitest file, edit the window's search properties and remove the classname property from it (check the image below).


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  1. Sriniketh Vydya says:

    I'm currently working on developing a test framework for wpf control using Coded UI. Our control uses third party chart control.

    Can i expose customer properties through the code and access through coded UI test client.??

    I've gone through articles in some blogs, but they seemed more trivial to me and the customization is limited by the control set supported by wpf.

    My use case is, say i want to expose a property called chartRange to the test client. Do i need to implement my own IValueProvider for that, is it possible at all?  



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