The Ongoing Evolution of Integration Styles

Over the last couple of months I have been working on a Reference Architecture to support the design of modern Distributed Applications – now increasingly being referred to as Composite Applications. I am going to post a number of blogs over the coming weeks to share some of the learnings / highlights from this initiative. The…


SOA Symposium: SOA, Software + Services and Cloud Computing

I am presenting a discussion on SOA, S+S and Cloud computing later today at SOA Symposium. I have included the abstract for the talk and the slides that will be used in the presentation for anyone interested. Organizations evaluating Software + Services and Cloud Computing offerings must first have a well thought-out SOA strategy in order…


SOA Symposium: Understanding SOA Security Patterns

I presented a discussion on SOA Security Patterns at the SOA Symposium today in Rotterdam. The abstract fro the talk is included below and the PPT is attached for anyone interested. Service-oriented solutions are distributed applications and therefore rely on many of the established security controls, practices, and technologies. However, there are distinct characteristics that…


SOA Patterns

About a 18 months ago Thomas Erl approached a group of us at Microsoft if we could review the SOA Patterns work he was doing. Whilst doing the review I observed that the book was lacking any patterns describing how to think about security within SOA applications. We talked and decided to add two whole…


Service Orientation Today and Tomorrow

Diegon Dagum has just sent out the release note for the latest edition of the Microsoft Architecture Journal. It includes a bunch of really interesting papers including one that myself and a group of my colleagues from Worldwide Services put together summarizing key design considerations for Software + Services and Cloud Computing. Because we believe…


A Graphical DSL for Describing SOA Applications

Last October we ran a SOA workshop in Redmond, with the goal being to have members of the MCS field, global practices and other customer facing organizations discuss scenarios and patterns that they see on a regular basis. Having run several of these workshops in the psat, one challenge that is hard to overcome is…


Agent-Design Patterns for Building Distributed Service Bus Applications

Another blog that is several months late, but as usual, better late than never. I am currently preparing my presentation for tomorrow’s Real World SOA: Microsoft SOA and Business Process Conference I finally made the time to read Danny Garber’s paper on Agent-Design Patterns and it was well worth the read. Danny introduces the notion of…


Distributed Computing Patterns

This one is a little late to press, but for those who haven’t already seen it the Architecture Journal recently published an article on Distributed Computing Patterns that myself, Joshy Joseph, Dmitri Ossipov, Massimo Mascaro and Danny Garber wrote. You can find the article here.