P&P Happenings

I have been catching up with old friends from the P&P team over the last couple of days - many of whom have been working on new and exciting initiatives that I thought I would share with you. Each of these deserve their own blog posting, but until I get more time I thought a brief summary might be useful:

  • J.D. Meier has as always been crazy busy. I mean to blog about this ages ago but never manage to find the time. Several cool things that JD has been working on include:

    • Bookshare - If you are the kind of person that browses through airport bookstore thinking how great the selection of management guides is and wouldn't it be amazing if you could read all of them - then worry no more. J.D. spent his entire Christmas vacation reading all of them and providing nice summaries for you to take a look at with the goal being to allow you to determine which of these books are worth buying and reading yourself. Incredible stuff that only J.D. could create.

    • GuidanceShare - A kick-ass repository of much of the work that JD and the rest of the P&P team has created. In wiki form so add to it or provide detailed feedback on what you liked and what you didn't like.

    • Guidance Exporer - When I was much younger than I am today and technology changed at a much slower rate organizations used to create massive binders of stnadards that all developers would follow when writing and deploying applications. Today there is arguably too much technology and it changes too fast for such binders to be relevant. Until now. With Guidance Explorer you can leverage P&P's guidance base, plus add your own organizations standards and create views over this repository.

  • A Documentation Factory - Nelly Delgado and Tim Osborne showed me some really great tooling that they have been working on for supporting creation of documentation to accompany blocks and factories. In the past this was always a nightmare. For P&P we had to create design and API documentation which then had to be output to CHM, HSX, HTML, PDF and goodness only knows how many other formats. Nelly and Tim have even released this guidance on www.codeplex.com/doctools - so if you are creating any kind of reusable assets you should definitely take a look.

  • Unity - Grigori Melnik sent me a link to Unity a couple of months ago and I honestly haven't had time to do it justice with a full blog post and some samples - but in the mean time I suggest that anyone interested in concepts such as IoC and dependency injection should take a look.

  • Fun, fun, fun... and I have been playing a little with Entlib 4 which looks like it will continue to kick-ass...

On a sad note fpr Microsoft Scott Densmore (Lead Dev and PM on Entlib and many other things) left P&P yesterday to start his new career at Disney. Not sure which rides he will be managing or which costumes he will be wearing - but which ever ones they are you can be sure they will be the fastest rides or the most opinionated Disney characters you will ever meet. 🙂 Best of luck Scott...


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