Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

 I did a particularly lousy job of sending out Christmas cards this year, so figured I would instead make a last ditch effort to bring some joy to the world through my blog. As you may have seen we have had a pretty interesting winter so far in Seattle with record amounts of snow bringing…


Sticky Notes for Your Code

If your desk is anything like mine it is cluttered with millions of sticky notes, each containing some snippet of information that at some point seemed worth writing down. If you have been dreaming of the day that you can have your VS environment look similar, then wait no longer! My good friend Pablo Galliano…


Distributed Computing Patterns

This one is a little late to press, but for those who haven’t already seen it the Architecture Journal recently published an article on Distributed Computing Patterns that myself, Joshy Joseph, Dmitri Ossipov, Massimo Mascaro and Danny Garber wrote. You can find the article here.


Oslo MGrammar Turtle Graphics for VS2008

My colleague Joshy Joseph reminded me that the MGrammar based Turtle Graphics parser that I posted here was for VS2010. I have attached a newer version of the solution that Joshy coverted to run in VS2008. I noticed that Doug Finke has also done the same thing whilst also creating a couple of additional samples as…


Creating a Logo / Turtle Graphics Textual DSL using Oslo MGrammar

In the early 1980’s a programming language called Turtle Graphics was used as a means of introducing novices to programming on the BBC Microcomputer. Turtle graphics, a graphical version of Logo, helped introduce people to programming using a simple functional language that provided instant visual gratification allowing the user to move a triangular turtle across the…


Geneva Identity Management Framework

For anyone who has followed my blogs around developing an STS or writing authorization policies you will be very interested in Kim Cameron’s announcement at PDC of the Geneva Identity Management platform. Genvea includes: Geneva Framework – A .NET framework for writing interoperable, claims aware applicatoins Geneva STS – An STS integrated with AD. Supports issuance…


Microsoft Azure cloud OS announced at PDC2008

I am here at the PDC in Los Angeles having just watched Ray Ozzie and Bob Muglia finally present the next generation of Microsoft’s Cloud Services / Software plus Services strategy with the release of our new operating system for the cloud “Azure”! Windows Azure was designed from the ground up for the needs of…


Language Oriented Programming

Chris Smith from the F# team has an awesome blog post on language oriented programming – and specifically LOP in F#. For those new to LOP Chris describes it as a style of programming that resembles a domain specific language – but is still valid in a general purpose programming language. As we see more…


patterns & practices Improving Web Services Security: Now Available!

Over the last 12 months we have had a lot of people who used the Web Service Security – Scenarios, Patterns and Implementation Guidance ask us where the implementation guidance for WCF was. Great news. JD Meier, Jason Taylor, Prashant Bansode and Rob Boucher and the rest of his P&P team have just released their…


P&P Happenings

I have been catching up with old friends from the P&P team over the last couple of days – many of whom have been working on new and exciting initiatives that I thought I would share with you. Each of these deserve their own blog posting, but until I get more time I thought a brief…