Released: Web Service Software Factory: Modeling Edition

I just saw an announcement from Don that the P&P folks have just released the third version of the Web Service Software Factory – entitled The Web Service Software Factory Modeling Edition. I know these guys have been working hard on this for along time now so this is really great news… And you know what they…


SAML STS for WSE 3.0 (reposted)

Every week or so I get another email asking where the sample code for the SAML STS for WSE 3.0 has been moved to now that GotDotNet GotNuked. It wasn’t moved anywhere. So I figured I would repost it here for those that needs i. For those new to this you should also take a…


The Great Debate: Patterns vs Tooling

With well over 250 attendees this years P&P Summit is the best attended I have seen so far. I was fortunate to participate in two presentations – the first talk was on SecPAL which I believe was well received, and the second was a discussion with myself, Dragos Manolescu, Wojtek Kozaczynski and Ade Miller on…


F# is getting productized!

I just saw the announcement on Don and Soma’s blogs about the fact that a product team has officially been established to productize F#. This is great news for Don Syme and James Margetson who have been working slavishly on F# for the last couple of years. Congratulations guys!!! For more information see: The formation…


Lunar Eclipse Photos

I happened to be up early this morning and shot some nice photos of the lunar eclipse that happened this morning.


Sample declarative access control policy

In my previous post I mentioned that we have now released a parser for SecPAL that allows policies to be written in a human readable simplified English grammar. I thought it might be worth including an example – based on the scenario that was used in the GridToday post on Access Control in Grid Computing…


Parser for SecPAL simplified English grammar now available!

One of the great strengths of SecPAL is its unique support for multiple representations of a security policy; XML for interoperability; and a simplified English grammar for human readbility. The SecPAL v1.1 Research Release (available from allows SecPAL assertions to be created using the rich and flexible.NET object model or deserialized from (or serialized…


Swiss Army Knife of X.509 Certificate Tools

Anyone who has dealt with X.509 certificates when trying to design, test and deploy secure Web services will know what an ordeal it can be to locate certificates in various cert stores using different cert identifiers, modify security properties of the private key to allow services accounts to sign or decrypt messages and all the…


A Java implementation of SecPAL?

Panos, from the University of Newcastle just dropped me a note to say that he is making progress with his Java based SecPAL implementation – which is very exciting. I noticed that he has moved away from XSB and has decided instead to create his own custom datalog implementation – which is very cool -…


A Qwik-E-Mart in Seattle!?

They say it is the only time you are likely to see people smiling in a 7-Eleven – and it is true! If you haven’t already heard about a dozen 7-Eleven stores around the country have turned themselves into Qwik-E-Mart’s in time for the release of the Simpson’s movie. Maureen and I decided to check out the Qwik-E-Mart on Denny and…