Service Factory Hands on Labs are now available

I just walked past Don's office and noticed him laughing hysterically at the "cubicle song" on YouTube. Turns out this is really great news because that means Don has finished his Hands on Labs...

The poor guy really wanted to get these out for our release two weeks ago - mainly because when he wrote our landing page many weeks ago he listed the labs as being done - mainly as a forcing function to obligate him to ensure they were finished by the time we released. I am guessing that he assumed we wouldn't release on time so figured he had time up his sleeves or some such thing... Well anyway we shipped on time and now he has had to work non-stop for the last 2 weeks...

He finally worked all last night and released them this morning on GotDotNet. The labs look really great - basically walking you through the process of creating a series of services for his fictitious Coho Winery using our Service Factory. What I really like about the labs is that they focus not just on the scenarios that are easy to solve with our factory - but on some slightly more complex scenarios that require custom code to be written... so hopefully you will learn a lot from doing them...


Comments (3)

  1. The link to the community site or the link to the hands on lab do not work. Can you fix this?

  2. I think the hands-on lab is too simple to be of much use, and the reference application is too complex to be of any use at all. I worked through the HOL okay and applied what I learned to my own application and I can now create a record in my database.

    But I have had no luchy at all figuring our how to translate all this to the next task, creating a means of querying the database to pull back a set of matching records. I am able to create all kinds of the peices needed to do this. But I can’t figure out how to use the guidance to create the correct components and tie them all together. I am going to end up just hand-coding all the rest of my application, because I can get nowhere looking at the reference app and trying to figure out what recipie was run to create with class. It’s all just too complex.

  3. John Thompson says:

    Hello we could really use the HOL you mention.

    The link to the HOL you mention do not work on any site I can find.

    Where can I get the HOLs for WCF Software Factory?

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