Fixed Help SDK download now available

Thanks for everyone who helped us identify the issue with our original download. We have rebuilt and tested the package and re-uploaded it to the SDK download page. Please redownload the package and you should be good to go. Thank you for your patience!

Help Viewer 1.0 SDK now available!

It’s been a long time coming, but we have finally released the Help Viewer 1.0 SDK. It can be downloaded here. Feedback is welcome!


Re-post: Helixoft VSDocman adds support for VS 2010 Help

(It appears during forum migration this post got deleted from my blog – so re-posting…) I’m glad to report today (originally posted 5/19/2010) of another Help Authoring Tool (HAT) vendor to add support for the MSHC format used by Visual Studio 2010. Here is a small blurb from Peter Macej of Helixoft: VSdocman is a VS…

Sandcastle with MSHC support has been released!

I’m pleased to announce that we have posted a release of Sandcastle that now supports the MSHC Help file format used by Visual Studio 2010. The MSHC support was commissioned from ComponentOne, whom we thank for updating the code base to support this new Help format. We have additionally rolled in a variety of bug fixes…

Help Authoring Tool (HAT) support for Help Viewer 1.0

As we’ve been ramping up the new the Help Viewer and its associated Help file format (MSHC), we’ve also been working closely with a few vendors to ensure that we have a good Help Authoring Tool (HAT) story for Visual Studio 2010. We have been working principally with the vendors that have historically been supporting Visual Studio’s help…