Installing Content From Downloaded Help Viewer 2.0 cabs

Today I have a guest post from my good friend and co-worker in the Help Viewer team, Malcolm Dickson. Malcolm describes how you can create a ‘local’ means of installing content for scenarios behind firewalls or where there is no Internet connectivity. It still requires the ability to download content as the initial starting point, but…


Hook Up Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview and Visual Studio Express for Windows Developer Preview to Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview content on MSDN

I hope you’ve been having fun exploring the new features of both Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview and Windows 8 Developer Preview! At the time that we were getting all our bits ready to release to manufacturing for the //build conference, we did not yet have the Dev11 query service enabled on our MSDN Library…


Help "charm" in Windows 8 Metro apps

If you’ve been watching the developments from the //build conference and Windows 8 preview, you might have wondered what the Help story is for Metro apps… There are a few topics in the new Windows 8 DevCenter that give an idea of the current thinking around Help in Metro apps and the idea of an…


Help Viewer 2.0 + Visual Studio 11/Windows 8 Developer Preview

I’ve been rather quiet lately – but for good reason! (We’ve been really busy!) Hopefully, by now, you’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about what is coming in Windows 8 and some great developer experiences coming in Visual Studio 11. Lots of this has been demo’d at the //build conference this week. You can view the //build…


VS 2010 SP1 Beta now available – including new client Help Viewer!

Please check out my boss Jeff Braaten’s blog regarding our new client help viewer now shipping with VS 2010 SP1 Beta. You can find some info there on installing the SP1 and how best to explore the new viewer experience if you’ve been using some other alternatives, like Helpware’s H3Viewer. You can download and install…


Help Viewer 1.1 Preview Video

I’m excited to announce that we have just posted a preview video of Help Viewer 1.1, which will be shipping with Visual Studio 2010 SP1. We have been hard at work over the last several months since Visual Studio 2010 was released. Over the beta period prior to release and since the release, we have…


Help State of the Union (October 2010)

Periodically, questions come to Microsoft via a variety of avenues regarding our current guidance on Help systems and formats. And they usually end up in the Help Guy’s inbox. 🙂 What is Microsoft’s guidance regarding: WinHelp (.HLP files) HTML Help (.CHM files) Assistance Platform 1.x (.H1S files) Microsoft Help 2.x (.HxS files) Help Viewer 1.0…


Fixed Help SDK download now available

Thanks for everyone who helped us identify the issue with our original download. We have rebuilt and tested the package and re-uploaded it to the SDK download page. Please redownload the package and you should be good to go. Thank you for your patience!

Help Viewer 1.0 SDK now available!

It’s been a long time coming, but we have finally released the Help Viewer 1.0 SDK. It can be downloaded here. Feedback is welcome!


Help-related resource pages

Since starting this blog, I’ve had a few requests to post links to various software products and resource pages for Help related authoring tools and services. I think this is a great idea. My posting these is explicitly not any kind of Microsoft official endorsement, but just giving a shout out to a variety of…