Known Issues with Help Viewer 1.0

·         No ‘.’s allowed in .mshc/.cab file names; i.e. abc.mshc = good, abc.123.mshc = bad

·         No character entities allowed in content – workaround is to use Unicode values; i.e. © = bad, © = good

·         HelpContentSetup.msha – only this filename is supported; i.e. MyProduct.msha will not work with Help Library Manager

·         Fully qualified paths to images, .css files, .js files required (relative paths are not supported – all paths must be defined from the root)

·         url() property in .css is not currently supported

·         Topic-to-topic links require using ms-xhelp:///?id linking (no simple href=”abc.htm” type links currently supported)

·        All topics require a reference to the xhtml namespace for the topic to render correctly – particularly the Table of Contents navigation area; e.g. <html xmlns="">)

·         All .mshc files should contain at least one topic (at this time). If you install a book with one .mshc file that has no topics, the book will install correctly, but you will not be able to uninstall the book without a workaround)

·         You should plan to name your .mshc files uniquely for this initial release. Best recommendation would be to prefix your .mshc files with your company name.)

·         (new) links to 'bookmark' anchors in pages result in launching new IE windows due to our branding package adding target="_blank" to the link definition. Richard Sloggett at Innovasys has a trick he may be willing to share to help fix this.

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