Creating a picture gallery with HTML5 canvas

  Displaying pictures in a gallery is something that so easy to do with one of the many jQuery Plugins, but what if you want to use the HTML5 canvas tag? Capital FM recently created a HTML5 showcase page called Be A Star and at the bottom they show off a rather fancy image gallery….


Umbraco Basics - Learning from the Master Part 2

Earlier in the week I wrote about the great talk given by Niels Hartvig (the founder of Umbraco) at TechEd. As always you can watch the full talk here but below are my highlights of the 2nd part.   Using parameters and macros If you have a reusable control you probably will want to pass…


Using Modernizr to support the Scale CSS3 2d transform in older versions of IE

As of Platform preview 6, IE9 has support for CSS3 2d transforms. The final version of IE9 will support CSS3 2d transforms. However, the IE9 beta doesn’t support CSS3 2d Transforms. In the following demo I’ll show you how to support the scale feature of CSS3 2d transforms using feature detection and progressive enhancement.  The…


How to create a jQuery rollover like the one on

I took a look at last night and noticed a simple yet effective treatment that they put on their pictures. If you scroll the mouse over them you get a subtle overlay fade in over the image to give you more information.   Click here for a demo   Step 1 First we need…


jQuery 1.4.4 Released with new fadeToggle feature

Last week jQuery 1.4.4 was released and I’m glad to tell you that the Microsoft CDN version of jQuery is now available at:  JQuery also host their own CDN at At the point of writing Google haven’t yet updated their CDN but when they do it’s info will be here. 1.4.4 is  is…


How to Create an Awesome Scrolling Navigation using jQuery

I was looking over the .net award nominees this week and stumbled across the website. I loved the scrolling navigation so much I just had to open up visual studio and try and recreate it myself. DemoView Demo The main thing flipboard do differently is to have the logo and logo background elements move…