The rise of the T-shaped developer

What shape are you in? Speaking personally, I drink too much coffee and get too little sleep. But that’s not really what I mean. I’m talking primarily about your skill-set. Historically we’ve been an industry of specialists – you were either front end or back end, you might be a Flash ninja or a JavaScript…


CSS3 border-radius in the real world

I was walking through the high street yesterday and noticed a poster outside of M&S that was advertising a dine in for two, £10 promotion. The way that they had used a picture as the infill for the 0 in £10 made me think about how you could achieve that effect using CSS3. So when…


Using Modernizr to support the Scale CSS3 2d transform in older versions of IE

As of Platform preview 6, IE9 has support for CSS3 2d transforms. The final version of IE9 will support CSS3 2d transforms. However, the IE9 beta doesn’t support CSS3 2d Transforms. In the following demo I’ll show you how to support the scale feature of CSS3 2d transforms using feature detection and progressive enhancement.  The…


How to Rotate a video using CSS3

Earlier I showed you how to rotate a video using HTML5. It is a little complicated so luckily you can achieve the same effect using a CSS3 2d transform. You will be able to see the effect in IE9 Platform Preview (but not the beta), chrome, safari and firefox. You can see a demo here….