How can I show a graph using HTML5?

There are a number of ways to create graphs in HTML5, you could use canvas for example, but one of my favourite ways is to go outside of the HTML5 spec and use an associated technology called Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Using SVG you can create really nice data visualisations that don’t degrade when scaled….


Why is HTML5 so focused on JavaScript?

I frequently get asked this question by people that are new to HTML5. As well as detailing lots of new elements HTML5 defines a number of new JavaScript APIs. When the HTML5 specification was formulated in 2004 it was felt that APIs were necessary to support the new elements that were created to support Web…


PostMessage Popups and IE

If you have not used postMessage (or Cross Document Messaging to use it’s proper title) it’s a way of securely sending messages between frames even when the documents passing messages are on different domains. To learn more about it you can read this introduction that we wrote during the IE8 launch. It works in IE8,…


Why HTML5 league tables are a waste of time

My dad is bigger than your dad. No, really, he is. He’s 6’4” in his socks. Did I say 6’4”? No, I meant 6’8”. And next week, he’ll top 7’ for sure. So it was recently announced that IE10 PP4 has surpassed Safari and Opera in HTML5 support. Now, obviously, from my point of view…


Which HTML5 mobile library should I use?

Personally I like using jQuery mobile for the projects I work on because it has really broad support and makes developing in browser mobile apps easy. To be honest though I haven’t tested or evaluated many other mobile frameworks out there. There are tons of Cross Platform porting tools like Titanium and Phone Gap –…


How do you make a HTML5 video into a circle

Following a visitors request last week I showed you how to produce a triangle shaped HTML5 video, pretty useless but interesting none the less. A number of people on twitter asked if it was possible to make a circle video. No problem I thought… Just apply border-radius to the element. If you add a border…


Mobile Apps in HTML5: do it, but realise it’s not a panacea

So you’re developing a mobile app. Which platform do you choose? Well, if you’re looking for the biggest market, you’ll probably lean towards iOS. Alternatively, if you don’t want to give 30% to Apple, you might go Android. And, of course, for some of us, Windows Phone is totally the way forward (admittedly, I’m a…


What HTML5 Features can I use today?

I think I’d spin this question around and ask you to think about the kind of problems you have today in your site. If a HTML5 feature can help you solve one of those problems then great, but I wouldn’t go searching for features and then try retrofitting those features to your site just for…


Font-Face isn’t working on IE9 inside of Windows Phone 7.

Sadly in Windows phone 7, although the font-face tag is supported it’s not possible to link to external fonts. This means that you can’t get WOFF fonts that are not on the phone by default working in IE9 for Windows Phone. There are 16 differences between IE9 and IE9 for WP7 this being one of…