Over the past few months I’ve been locked away in a dark cellar working on a small MVC 4 project called ZipApp. It’s a basic Windows 8 app builder, for me one of the highlights of the project was using some of the new MVC features in anger. The last full-time project I worked on was MVC 2 based… it’s amazing to see how much has changed and matured in the past 3 or so years.

Last week, I was chatting to Steve Sanderson and he mentioned he had some “Pro ASP.NET MVC4” books going spare and wondered if I wanted to give them to the community.

I jumped at the chance and so if you want one of the 8 copies simply tweet me  @thebeebs with the hash tag #givemeABook with a link to any website you have built using .net. The Competition is now closed.

I’ll send the books to the 8 best websites I see.

P.S. You have to be a UK based developer (but the site can be from anywhere) I’ll name the winners at 4pm today (Friday, 5th of April)

Ohhh Shiny


The Winners were:

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  1. Joel says:

    " using some of the new MVC features in anger. "

    Aw, don't work angry! 🙂

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