Reasons to be Appy (and excited)

As I’ve mentioned before, I go to a lot of conferences and events. In fact, it seems like over the last month I’ve got to see way too many hotel rooms (“I’ve seen them all and man they’re all the same”).

Tomorrow, however, sees Reasons to be Appy in London and I can’t wait. On paper, it ticks all the boxes – great speakers, interesting, thought-provoking topics, the right amount of light and shade. Where else will you get to hear about cello-playing in the same room as mobile development? Or art installations at the same time as HTML5?

Someone asked me today what I’m looking forward to most. Normally I’d be able to give a pretty clear answer but this one’s tricky. Right now, my standout three are:

  1. My friend and colleague Andrew Spooner (@andspo) on bringing more humanity into what we develop. Is social a friend or foe? As technology vanishes into ubiquity, will we forget that there are systems behind it watching our every move? And what should we do about it?
  2. The ever-brilliant Mark Boulton (@markboulton) has a talk entitled Where there’s muck, there’s brass. Mark is just excellent at taking complex topics and explaining them with simple narratives. I’m really looking forward to his thoughts on whether perfection is actually a problem and whether we should celebrate our happy accidents more.
  3. Finally, I’m looking forward to seeing the wonder that is Brendan Dawes (@brendandawes). I’ve seen Brendan talk before and, if I’m honest, I don’t always follow where he’s going. The thing is though, the ride is always worth it.

I’m going to be tweeting from the sessions throughout the day – you can follow me @thebeebs. And, if you’re going yourself, be sure to say hello if you see me.

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