I want to use Canvas but need to support IE8

Ok so you have a great idea for how you’re going to use Canvas in your next application… problem is you still have tons of visitors that use IE8 (which doesn't support the Canvas element). Not to worry, all is not lost. In many instances you can use something like FlashCanvas. This is what us HTML5 junkies like to refer to as a polyfil or fall-back. Fundamentally a rather smart person has implemented the HTML5 Canvas API using some JS and Flash Wizardry so that you can get your canvas code working in versions of internet Explorer that don’t support canvas.

It’s has it’s limitations of course, and you may need to modify your code in some instances to get things working, but if you are looking for a quick and simple solution and you are not doing anything too crazy or intensive then this polyfil might be the answer to your prayers.

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  1. surtep says:

    You're not comapring apples with apples….flash canvas uses jquery and does not use canvas at all the name is just the same…lol

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