HTML5 and Presentations

If you have been to a HTML5 presentation in the last 2 years then there is no doubt that you will have seen presenters opting to use their browser as a slide deck rather than PowerPoint or KeyNote. Personally I use PowerPoint for all my talks because I’m heavily reliant on the timing and note functionality that are built into presentation mode, I prefer to Windows Key + Tab   between PowerPoint and my browser if I need to show a demo (or use a dedicated switcher and two machines if the venue permits).

There are however, a number of instances where HTML5 slide decks are useful, particularly if you have lots of little HTML5 demos you want to show.

If you want to go down the HTML5 route there are a few interesting projects that might give you a quick start.

  1. In my opinion the best of the bunch is Deck.js  it works in IE/Safari/Chrome/Opera/Firefox and uses CSS animations if they are supported.
  2. Paul Rouget, former Mozilla Evangelist and new Mozilla Developer Tools engineers created this rather nice project called dzSlides.
  3. If you like prezi (I’m sorry but I am not a fan) then this HTML5 and CSS3 alternative might float your boat: Impress.js. It’s Chrome/Safari only at the moment but could be forked to run in IE9 and IE10 (Although IE9 wouldn’t be able to support 3d Transforms).


  • If you are just looking for a place to share your PowerPoint then you might want to use SlideShare. They convert PowerPoint slide decks into Flash/HTML5 and host them on their servers. I use this service to share all of my decks  because it’s really easy to use their embed code.
  • If you want to retain animations then SkyDrive is a great little service from MicroSoft. You can save to it directly from with-in power point and your decks can then be viewed in browser here is an example of one of my presentations.
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