Which HTML5 mobile library should I use?

Personally I like using jQuery mobile for the projects I work on because it has really broad support and makes developing in browser mobile apps easy. To be honest though I haven’t tested or evaluated many other mobile frameworks out there.

There are tons of Cross Platform porting tools like Titanium and Phone Gap – But for me, if I’m going to build native, I'll build native.

I asked on twitter for suggestions and  MooTools Mobile and Sencha Touch came up alot, If your visiting this blog and you have a favourite framework, why not let me know in the comments.

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  1. Shashank Khati says:

    Here is a nice reference to 7 best mobile framework to build mobile web app.


    So far, i think Jquery mobile is most favoured and widely used.Moreover, most of the frameworks essentially uses JQuery mobile in its core.

    But factors like target platforms and look & feel you want to achieve need to be important drivers for your choice.

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