I have a WebSQL database but I hear that the specification has been dropped will IE ever support WebSQL?

The browser based WebSQL specification was an in browser database and has been supported by Chrome and a number of other browsers for some time. However, the specification has been dropped in favour of IndexedDB and chrome will be dropping support for it in a future version. As you have invested some time into developing a WebSQL system this isn’t great news as it is unlikely that IE will implement it in the future.

Ido Green a developer Advocate at Google Chrome has written a nice post this week showing you how to convert a WebSQL database into an IndexedDB one which you can find here.

IndexedDb and WebSQL are fundamentally different types of database below is a table that tries to explain some of the differences in the concepts between the two approaches:


Relational DB






Tables contain columns and rows

objectStore contains Javascript objects and keys

Query Mechanism, Join, and Filters


Cursor APIs, Key Range APIs, and Application Code

Transaction Types and Locks

Lock can happen on databases, tables,
or rows on READ_WRITE Transactions

Lock can happen on database on VERSION_CHANGE transaction, on an objectStores on READ_ONLY and READ_WRITE transactions. There is no object level locking.

Transaction Commits

Transaction creation is explicit. Default is to rollback unless I call commit.

Transaction creation is explicit. Default is to commit unless I call abort or there is an exception that is not caught.

Property Lookups


Indexes are required to query object properties directly


Normal form and single valued properties

De-normal form and can have multi-valued properties

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